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        Congratulations, you’re engaged! Now, it’s time to take your engagement photos! This is going to be fun! So enjoy it!! BUT what should you wear to your engagement session? It’s a question I constantly get from my couples!! Here are some Spring Engagement Outfit Ideas and Tips that will make your life just a tad bit easier. These suggestions work for any season too! I’ve also attached some inspiration images to help you narrow down your closet.

        Note: Ask your photographer if you can bring a bag/suitcase of some clothes and they can mix and match for you on the spot! More likely than not, they’ll love this idea!

        What to wear to your engagement session:

        COMPLIMENT YOUR ENVIRONMENT, don’t distract from it. Usually, colors that are earthy with neutral tones will best fit with the surrounding area.

        You want to compliment your engagement session location, this makes the imagery just look so much better to the eye. Bright colors, aside from distracting from the environment, reflect weirdly on skin tones!

        FLOWY, yessss especially if you’re expecting wind!! Movement is so damn pretty and we can create some magic with it.

        COMFORT. Wear comfy, flats and shoes! DON’T WEAR HEELS. Trust me. Your clothes should also feel comfortable. I mean, maybe not like pajamas, but an outfit you feel fine moving around in. You want to feel good, and you want to be able to move around freely. If it constricts you, don’t wear it. That’s a rule.

        PATTERNS aren’t bad if worn correctly. If you’re going to wear a pattern then have your partner wear solid colors. I actually love patterns, they just need to not clash with anything else. Refer to the image above (where Paige is dressed in a light blue striped dress and Taaj is wearing solid colors, orange and darker blue). And the photos below. The first image shows Yvette wearing a white dress with a floral print, whereas Sean, her fiancé, is wearing solid colors. And in the photo below that, Christopher is wearing solid colors, but Sunni is rocking a cute striped top, it all works this way.

        CLOTHES THAT ARE “YOU. Wear stuff that makes you feel beautiful. Not outfits that you think you have to wear because others said so. You don’t have to necessarily buy clothes for your engagement session, you might have the perfect outfit in your closet. What do you just love wearing? Wear that.

        I created an engagement session outfit Pinterest board to help my clients pick their outfits!! Check it out below.

        These are just some suggestions from this photographer’s point of view. It’s what I’ve noticed works and what I personally feel will enhance an image and make it more appealing to the eye! But these are just suggestions you can choose to follow, or not!

        SUMMARY: Compliment your environment! Usually, earthy and neutral tones will best fit with the surrounding area. Bright colors, aside from distracting from the environment, reflect weirdly on skin tones! Flowy stuff are always a good idea. Comfort is so dang important. Don’t wear heels, wear something you can easily move around in. If it constricts you, don’t wear it. Let’s talk patterns; they’re not bad if worn correctly. If you wear a pattern then have your part- ner wear solid colors. Okay finally, wear something that makes you feel beautiful!! Also, let’s do two outfits!

        If you have any questions, reach out to me! You can DM me on instagram, or contact me here on my site.