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        Okay fine, the title is biased but I truly believe in these humans and their kick ass talent!! Here are my favorite Los Angeles Wedding Vendors.

        As your storyteller, I want a badass team of vendors supporting you! Here are some of my favorite and go-to vendors that I’ve either worked with in the past, or would very much like to! I know these insanely talented people will create a bad-ass team that will contribute to making your wedding day whole and particularly special to you! Whether you’re my bride or not.

        Los Angeles Florists

        Here are some images of when Vanessa (Cultivated by Faith florist) and I worked together!! I am pleasantly impressed by her work every single time. She knows how to create a color palette in her bouquet that will fit beautifully with your outfit and your environment.

        I have yet to work with Petals and Greens!! But linked is their instagram page! They are the sweetest ladies and I can’t wait to work together some day!

        Hand Carved Engagement and Wedding Rings 

        You will not find more unique and beautifully hand-carved rings in this industry. Jess and Perry are one of a kind creators who put so much love into making your engagement/wedding ring special to you. Attached are some images of their Europa ring that they contributed to a styled shoot I put together with Vanessa from Cultivated by Faith.

        Hand-made carved wedding ring, Best Los Angeles wedding vendors, image by Fatima Elreda Photo

        Wedding Dresses

        I love Gypsy Bride because they make their dresses with heart and they are so so kind!! Waiting for the day to photograph a real bride in one of their pieces!

        Goddess-made wedding dresses. I LOVE extra fabric ’cause you can play and do so much with it. These beauties come with enough detail to fill you up.

        Best Los Angeles Wedding Vendors, Rue De Seine Bridal Wedding Dress, image by Fatima Elreda Photo

        This Asos beauty was maybe $120. WHO says you need to spend thousands of dollars to get a stunning dress?

        Best Los Angeles Wedding Vendors, image by Fatima Elreda Photo

        I took some branding photos for Art Fleur, a floral shop in Venice, and their collaboration with Grace Loves Lace. Here are some of those images! Grace Loves Lace has the cutest most-comfortable-feeling showroom in Venice and when the model wore her dress she said something along the lines of “I’ve never worn a more comfortable dress not even for my own wedding.” And, as I saw the dresses and felt them, I thought the same thing. I’m telling you, these dresses are stunning, comfortable, and MADE FOR YOU which is so dang neat.

        The best Los Angeles Wedding Vendors, Grace Loves Lace wedding dress, image by Fatima Elreda Photo

        Veils and Headpieces

        I worked with Julie Harris for a styled shoot and fell in love with a veil and headpiece she contributed! Attached are images from that shoot.

        Best Los Angeles Wedding Vendors, image by Fatima Elreda Photo
        Los Angeles Vendors, image by Fatima Elreda Photo

        Los Angeles Hairdressers

        Kindest hairstylist and so freakin talented she can work with a variety of different styles to suit you best!! See the photos above from the Gypsy Bride shoot, she did the hair for all the models!

        I have yet to work with Christy but my gosh what a sweetheart she is over instagram and her work is incredible! She also does make-up so please check her out and hire her so we can work together!

        Los Angeles Make-Up Artists

        I’ve worked with Nicole on a few different occasions and she’s so freaking incredible!! Aside from that, she’s so dang sweet and kind!! She knows how to do simple and natural but she also knows to go darker and add gold flakes and make a person look so freaking amazing.

        See the photos above from the Gypsy Bride shoot and the Asos wedding dress, she did the make-up for all the models!

        I worked with Steph a long time ago and the images are so different from my now style that I did not want to include them BUT she is amazing. On her instagram you can see the various looks she creates on herself and you can go fall in love and trust she’ll be able to make you look just as good!

        Rentals and Planning


        Kimi is such a sweetheart and happy person! She’s also insanely talented. She created our flat lay for the styled shoot I did with Vanessa (from Cultivated by Faith) and nailed our vision!! She gave us everything we possibly would have needed for the flat lay including ribbon, a ring box, and other fabric things. Attached are some images from that!

        The best Los Angeles vendors, image by Fatima Elreda Photo
        The best Los Angeles Wedding Calligraphy

        Wedding Planner, Designer/Stylist

        I have worked with a good amount of Wedding Planners, Blair is a gem in the mix. Joyfully Co is a Wedding Planner, Designer and Stylist based in sunny Southern California. She is kind, absolutely hard working, takes care of you and everyone else with a smile on her face. I have never met a planner that gets stuff done so well and still is happy throughout the day. OH MY maybe that’s where her company name came from haha I just noticed that. Anyway, check her out you will absolutely be thrilled with her! I linked her instagram name where it says Joyfull Co.


        I’ve worked with these INSANELY talented people once and they provided the deserts as well as the hors d’oeuvre (had to look that word up for sure) and they did such an incredible job that they stood out to me to place them on this list of people YOU NEED TO LOOK INTO! They made some incredible little pies too that I unfortunately didn’t photograph because I only saw them as I was leaving. Their food taste so delicious and it is made and designed so uniquely that your guests will beg for more.

        Wedding Videographers

        I have yet to work with this duo but when I do ahhh well I can’t wait. Their style is so dang different than what I’ve seen elsewhere. I love watching their videos, they’re fun and so freaking cool. I’m not good at the describing of stuff so PLEASE click that link up above and check them out, it’s a link to their instagram. Their colors are similar to mine too so I love that, but I’m biased. Anyway, check them out!!

        Maya is a talented friend of mine! We’ve hung out but have not worked together yet so let’s make that happen, huh? This chick is special because she works in a versatile types of settings, events, and moods. You gotta check out her work, I’ve linked her instagram sooooo you know what you do. Go press that link!

        Skyla’s one of the sweetest people I know. And if you like videography style that is light and airy and dreamy then she’s your videographer! She has a knack on focusing on details and has an entire set of videos on her instagram, go look at it!

        Boudoir Photographer

        Alyssa has a gift to teaching and showing women how to love every inch of themselves. I highly and so incredibly recommend you get yourself a boudoir session with her before your big day! Click on her name up above and let her images speak for themselves.

        If you want any more suggestions, or if you have any questions, reach out!