TO MENU

        Here’s my wedding photography workflow and what you can expect from me as your wedding photographer! I guess I already said that in the title, but anyway I figured I’d write my workflow out for you, my client version! I assume peeps are going into this confused and I know you talk to a bunch of different vendors so I wanted to give you a sneak peak at what happens when you reach out to me! It is a lot more fun than you may think!

        Inquiry First

        My Wedding Photography Workflow starts with YOU! It starts with a happy dance that results from your inquiry! This is when you reach out to me! Ever seen the quote that says when you buy from a small business, an actual person does a happy dance? Or something along those lines, well I smiled real big the first time I saw that because it could not be more true! And it still makes me happy.

        Here’s what we’ll cover in the very beginning! In addition to the order, some things will vary depending on what you tell me because I’m not a robot and I’ll just go with how I feel at the moment! But let’s just get into this!!

        • We’ll discuss dates! Am I available during the inquired date? If I’m not and if the date can’t be changed, I’ll refer you out to one of my photographer friends! For this, let’s assume I am available.
        • I want details about your wedding day!! How are you dreaming it up? What’re your plans so far? Where’s the venue?! And, how large or how small is the wedding? Guest size and all.
        • Based on this information I’ll give you details on the wedding package that best fits your day!
        • If your package includes an engagement session, or if you wanted to add it if it isn’t included, we’ll talk about a date that works for you after you book! And we’ll talk details of location and clothing too, but that’s later!
        • If we haven’t gotten on the phone by now, I’ll ask you if you’re able to. Talking on the phone allows both of us to see (hear) the other’s personality and see if we’re a good fit!
        • We’ll also talk about package prices, contracts, and the retainer!

        Note: I’ll be writing notes on all of this as we talk or text! Aaaaand disclaimer: writing it out like this in bullet points may look much more overwhelming than it is, honest!

        The beauty about my contact form is that it gets to all the nitty gritty details in one shot so the inquiry phase does not take much of your time!! And hopefully, by the time you’ve gotten to my contact form and filled it out you’re pretty sure that you want to do this!

        We’ll be like this gorgeous couple. Except, we’ll be in different rooms, in different homes, probably in different cities. Also, we may be in less extravagant outfits. I may be in jeans or in pj’s. And, we won’t be writing or practicing our vows like these two.

        Contract and Payments

        Oooh so this is that eery business part. By the time we get here, we’ve talked a little about what will be in the contract and I’ve mentioned the retainer! At this point we’ve both shown our excitement and are ready to commit to each other.

        You will receive the contract via email! It’s in a neat platform that is super easy to follow! It includes your invoice in a payment schedule, your contract, and the options to make your payments. I split your full payment into two. The first one is the non-refundable retainer of 30% your package price. The retainer officially reserves your date! If not paid, the date is still open to others! This helps keep things fair among everybody!

        The second payment is not due until one month before your wedding date. That payment is the remainder (full payment – retainer = this payment). If you wanted that second payment to be split into multiple other payments, I will do that for you! This contract form platform is awesome because it lets me adjust your payment plan and shows you your payments as you make them and allows you to see your progress!

        Engagement Session

        Alright, all that business stuff is out of the way once the contract is signed and the retainer is complete! Now it’s the really fun stuff that starts! Your engagement session is the first! We’ve set the date, and talked locations and outfits, and we are ready to do this sweet thing!!

        We’ll go to our location on the date we chose, have fun, take pics, and get to know each other! For most of my clients, this is the first time we meet! The day after our shoot, I’ll send you sneak peaks via text! And within the week, you’ll have your gallery via email! Down below you can see a set up of how your online gallery will look! You’ll receive the same type of online gallery when you receive your wedding images!

        Engagement photo session online gallery preview using Pic-Time, image by Fatima Elreda Photo
        An example of what your online gallery looks like!

        Meeting Date

        This will be our first meet in person if we hadn’t already set a coffee date in the beginning or if we didn’t do an engagement session! And if it works for your schedule, I’ll still ask if we can set this up (even if we did an engagement shoot or coffee date)! By the time we meet for this, we have already talked about your timeline and thrown some ideas around!

        During this meet, I’ll bring my draft of the timeline I created, you’ll bring yours too and together we’ll merge them to create one that fits best with the light of the day! You can absolutely still change things up after our meet! I’m just there to give suggestions and cover some more details you want to share about the wedding day.


        From after our meeting date to the day of the wedding, I’ll check in on you one more time! If you need to talk, vent, or if you’re still short some vendors and need some recommendations. I’m here for you! This is a simple text to remind you of that!

        Wedding Questionnaire

        Exactly a month before the wedding date, I’ll send you a wedding questionnaire to go over all the details I need to know before the date! This will be sent to you via email, in it I’ll ask for the final and ultimate timeline and a few other things. It’s pretty much all I gotta know and a few “just in case” stuff before the big day!

        When I get this back, we’ll hop on the phone and talk things over if I, or you, have any questions!!

        My Wedding Photography Workflow, image by Fatima Elreda Photo
        I bet you’ll go through that wedding questionnaire in the same way this beautiful bride is reading her vows before the ceremony. I’m just kidding but a girl can dream.

        Wedding Day!!

        It’s your freaking wedding day! We’ll do a lot of photo stuff then. I’ll capture your wedding day and all the sweet details. I’m writing a whole thing about my plan during the wedding day and I’ll link it here for you when I do! But, my wedding photography workflow doesn’t end here, hold on tight we’re almost there!

        Post-Wedding Day

        Sneak peaks (10-15 images) will be on your phone the next day! And the rest of your gallery will be delivered via email in 4-6 weeks (in the same way your engagement session gallery was)! Look below for an example.

        I’ve got my mouse hovering over the shop so you can see the options offered in this online gallery! This is the absolute best thing, and everything offered is professional quality.

        So! I know that post-wedding weeks are hectic as heck so when it comes to printing photos, well it might just be the last thing on your mind! But I am such an advocate for printing images! So, within the week of your gallery delivery, I will also customize a wedding album for you and I’ll send you a proof! Notice, how the gallery above has a shop, that’s where this’ll all go down! Albums are not part of my wedding packages so it is totally up to you to buy it or not! But I try and make it easy in that way.

        And voil√†. That is my wedding photography workflow and what you can expect from me during our whole time together! Or, at least most of the stuff. You like? Or nah? Do you have any suggestions? Talk to me about it! If you want to start this beautiful thing with me, reach out and let’s do it!