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        Here's a bit about me, and why I find photography so personal.

        Here are some fun facts about me: I love sushi very much. I’m always obnoxiously early to things (I get annoyed with myself about it too). I freaking love being in nature, the sound of water flowing is so peaceful, and I love hiking if it’s more of a “take your time and enjoy the scenery” kinda thing, rather than “let’s haul ass up 3K elevation in 4 miles.” Stand-up comedy shows are the best live things ever created. The inevitable chaos that life and love are and the way they keep my life interesting is beautiful. I love a lot of things, as you can see, but my favorite thing to do, and what I want to dedicate my life doing, is meeting new people and documenting moments of their lives in photograph form. That’s a whole other level of special.


        I want to be your wedding photographer. Documenting the best day of your life gives meaning to mine. I take photography personally, because it is. When my mama shows me her wedding photos, she lights up. She can point to every individual and tell me their life story!! I freaking love that. Let me be your storyteller, to document your wedding day so you can do the exact same thing in decades. Love is beautiful, and that sounds corny as heck but it really freaking is. Specifically, I think the beauty lies in how different it is for everybody. I want to tell your story, in your way. I want to tell your story through my eyes and preserve it for you. This makes me especially happy. I love doing this.


        Aside from wanting to be your wedding photographer, I want to photograph you and your family. For as long as I can remember, I’ve thought of how my own family will be. Where we’ll live, how it will look like, and most importantly, how it will all feel. Photographing that piece of someone else’s life is special. Being invited into your home is an honor. I think every stage of life should be documented, wedding days are just a piece of that. I love kids, I worked at a daycare for three years and can’t wait to have kids of my own. In the meantime, I want to document the quiet moments, the cooking time, and the family playtime for you… the moments we never want to forget because they are the everyday things that matter. 


        I keep saying this is personal, here’s the reason why. My dad has always been an avid documenter. We have so many photos of us doing regular old stuff from before I was born, when I lived in Colombia, and our childhood in Los Angeles. One photo in particular comes to mind of me and my sister at the beach in Santa Marta. I don’t remember this of course, but that image makes my heart so happy. When my brother shared a bunch of these old photos to our family group chat one day recently, the images caused my dad to say “I love these pictures, they revive my soul.” Scroll to see pieces of my life, none of which I even remember but nevertheless, I can’t image life without the photographs of those days. This is why this is personal as heck.


        When I photograph you, I think of the future. I think of when you’re older and when things will have changed. How will you feel when looking back at your images? At your younger self, and at your now spouse who is also aging with you? Will these photos spark joy, love, and funny stories? How will your kids feel when they see these images? This photography thing, that’s why it’s personal.

        Here's another thing, I love to travel. Take me anywhere your love takes you.

        I want to go to a lot of places. If I can travel and photograph my favorite thing simultaneously, well that’s just the life I want to live. If you book me to photograph an intimate wedding or elopement in any of these locations, you’ll save $500 off any package!!

        Scotland, Portugal, any Arab Country (Egypt, Jordan, Morocco, etc), Spain, Yosemite National Park, Joshua Tree National Park, any National Park in Washington, New Zealand, and Italy!