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        You've got questions, I've got answers.

        • The contract scares me.

        I swear I’m a very nice person and not business-y at all! But the contract biz is necessary to keep us both “liable” and to keep us both “protected”. Everything in it can be explained in a non-confusing way. So, if you have any questions about it, please reach out! I haven’t had any issues yet and so many people have signed it. It may seem scary, but it will lead us to the fun! Know Monica from Friends? Well, I’m like her in the way when she says “rules help control the fun”! I promise, I’m cool though.

        • Do you travel, and do you charge travel fees?

        Heck yes I travel! I will include all travel fees in your total payment so you don’t have to worry about it! Long answer is that: after 100 miles for weddings, I charge $1 per mile! This is only applicable for when I drive, and therefore only for local-ish areas around Los Angeles, CA. Otherwise, my travel fees include: roundtrip airfare, 2 night accommodation and transportation!

        • What should we wear to our engagement session?

        Wear what makes you both feel beautiful. With that said, certain colors and patterns will work better with different locations. Neutral and either toned or contrasting colors can enhance locations and not distract from them! Bright colors will distract from the location and reflect badly on your skin tone (bright pinks, reds, yellows, avoid bright colors, trust me). I am more than happy to help you! Bring a bunch of clothes with you, we can sort them out and pick what best fits with our location! If you want some inspiration, check out my Pinterest board of Photo-Session Outfit Inspiration here!

        • Do you back-up our photos and your equipment?

        After our session, the first thing I’ll do is back-up your photos onto an external hard-drive to ensure their safety. During wedding days, I also bring a back-up camera body to try to prevent any problems that may occur while working with only one (this is included in your package price). I also have back-up batteries and cards. Unforeseeable accidents and/or malfunctions may still occur, though I take necessary measurements to decrease the chances!  

        • Do we get all the photos you take?

        I average about 75 images for engagement and couple sessions and around 40-50 per hour for a wedding day. These numbers aren’t set in stone but in general, you will get the photos that I deem appropriate to send (no blinking eyes, out of focus, over-exposed etc.)! If I love the photo, you’ll get it, I don’t like to cut it off at a number just for the sake of doing so!  

        • Can we have the RAW files or unedited images?

        Due to copyright concerns, I do not offer RAW files. It is a $4,000 fee to buy out the copyright.  

        • We want you real badly but money is tight.

        Let’s be honest, budgets are real. I understand, so let’s talk about it. Tell me what your budget is and I’ll create a custom package that’ll fit. Get in touch!! 

        • Can we meet?

        Heck yeah we can! Let’s set up a coffee date if you’re in LA! Or we can always set up a FaceTime/Skype date too if you wanted to see my face. Most of my couples will meet me for the first time during a coffee date I set-up right before our engagement session. We can also do that.  

        • Can you reserve our date before we book?

        I get booked in advanced so your date is only officially reserved after your contract is signed and your nonrefundable retainer is paid! This just keeps things fair! Soo if you wanna book me, whatta ya waiting for?  

        • When do we get our photos?

        My average delivery time for couples and families is 1-2 weeks! For weddings, it’s 4-6 weeks!  

        • Can we post our photos on our social media accounts? Can our families do so too?

        Of course you can and heck yeah they can! Though you (and family members) should tag me. And, please for the life of me, do not alter images (filters, cropping, etc.)! 

        • How do we get our photos?

        You’ll receive your images in both hi-resolution and web-resolution forms via an online private gallery through email. There you can download them all at once via a desktop/laptop, or individually via a mobile device so you can easily share them!  

        • Can we buy prints or canvas from you?

        Heck freaking yes you can! To make it easier for the both of us, the online gallery I send you not only has your photos, it also has an online store where you can pick from a variety of options to print your photos! There are albums, magazines, prints, calendars, you name it! 

        • Do we get a print release?

        Yeah you do! Go print these babies everywhere and anywhere your heart desires! The online gallery store is just one option where you can print them in high-quality!  

        • How do we book you?

        Fill out the form in my Book Me tab! I will reply to you right away! Then the contract will be sent your way where signatures and a non-refundable retainer of 30% of your full payment are due to officially book and reserve your date! And voilá, you’ve got yourself a wedding photographer! *insert dancing Carlton gif*

        • Are the prices on your Rates page the only ones you have?

        Nope!! These are just my starting prices and they don’t include individualized packages! If you want a customized package, let’s talk. If you want to see my full pricing ask and you shall receive.  

        • Do you offer payment plans?

        Yeah! The nonrefundable retainer ($1000 for weddings, and 50% for other sessions of full payment) is to be paid at time of booking. The rest is due a month in advance of weddings, and a week in advance of other sessions. If you need more breakdowns and payment dates let me know what works best for you and we can totally do it!

        • Have you shot at our venue?

        Yes or No. But either answer makes me qualified to photograph your venue. If I have before, I’ll challenge myself to find new ways to photograph in it. If I have not, it becomes a new space that has so much opportunity for me to be creative. I have not yet re-shot in the same venue, and that keeps me so excited and on my toes to explore all each of them have to offer!