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        5 Reasons to Shop Small, Mission San Juan Capistrano Engagement Session image by Fatima Elreda Photo December 1, 2019

        5 Reasons to Shop Small

        The holiday season is fast approaching, here are 5 reasons to shop small. These are some of the most important reasons for me, as a small business owner and a conscious consumer. I hope it helps you ...
        2019 Small Business Gift Guide, Shop 31 Suns Earrings, image by Fatima Elreda Photo November 28, 2019

        2019 Small Business Gift Guide

        The Holidays are fast approaching and it’s so easy to fall into the consumer mentality — buying for the sake of buying. With the consumer mindset aside, let's shop small and more intentionally. Let's...
        October 29, 2019

        How to Create the Perfect Wedding Timeline

        If photography's important to you, this is how to create the perfect wedding timeline with light, and your photo album, in mind. Before you dive in, here's a disclaimer: I'm biased. I love the ou...
        Saddlerock Ranch Wedding by Fatima Elreda Photo September 12, 2019

        The Best Upbeat and Fun Recessional Songs

        Here's the list of the best upbeat and fun recessional songs. I also included a list of the best wedding love songs. Here's to going a bit untraditional, upbeat, fun, and totally madly in love with m...
        Saddlerock Ranch Wedding by Fatima Elreda Photo September 5, 2019

        How to Properly Tip Your Wedding Vendors

        How to properly tip your wedding vendors can potentially be a stressful thought when you're unsure, here's a breakdown!! This may help when you're going through your budget and setting aside your tip...
        10 Things to Know Before Wedding Planning August 22, 2019

        10 Things to Know Before Wedding Planning

        I asked a heck of a lotta brides (45+) to tell me what they wish they knew before, or when, they started to plan for their wedding. Who they wished they would have hired or didn't hire. If they had t...
        Palos Verdes Coast Anniversary Couple Session image by Fatima Elreda Photo July 19, 2019

        What’s the Difference Between a Primary, Second, and Associate Photographer?

        There are a few different terms to describe the job and position your photographers will take during your wedding day. Each one comes with its own rules and etiquettes! There is a Primary, a Second, ...
        Your Wedding Guide July 2019, Fatima Elreda Photo July 5, 2019

        Protected: Your Wedding Guide – Only for Newsletter Subscribers

        Thank you for signing up to my monthly newsletter!! You're the real MVP. As a thank you, and as promised, here's Your Wedding Guide! FEP Your Wedding Guide_2019Download
        July 2, 2019

        Best Wedding Venues in Southern California

        We're pretty lucky to be living in SoCal. We've got the desert, barn-looking areas, the mountains in some places (is Temecula considered mountainous?) but we've got the San Bernardino mountains and t...
        June 23, 2019

        My Wedding Photography Workflow and What You Can Expect from Me

        Here's my wedding photography workflow and what you can expect from me as your wedding photographer! I guess I already said that in the title, but anyway I figured I'd write my workflow out for you, ...