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        June 27, 2019

        Trash the Dress Anniversary in Palos Verdes: Allison + Angel

        So, let me just say that a Trash the Dress session or an Adventure Bridal, as I like to call it, IS MY FAVORITE FREAKING THING! Here's why. During wedding days sometimes the timeline gets shifted ...
        December 14, 2018

        Thomas F. Riley Wilderness Park Adventure Bridal: Edward + Brenda

        Let's go out into nature. You up for an adventure bridal... in your wedding clothes?! It doesn't have to be crazy, there's no need to be on top of a mountain or a foot away from a cliff if you don't ...
        September 4, 2018

        Long Beach Queen Mary Bridals: Guido + Nadine

        This Long Beach Queen Mary Bridals Session is one of my favorite sessions I've ever shot because it was so different, the couple was so madly in love, and it was just the two of them. They're from Swi...